"...the process of bringing something into existence."



La Femme en rouge

In an effort to coalesce the concepts and styles of the painters that had inspired him to begin painting in the first place, ‘Abimes Colores’ drew together the beauties that Jonathan found in the art of Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Andy Warhol. The forms depicted broke from Swiss traditions of strict form and organization by employing the tools of asymmetric symmetry, beauty in the contrast of bold color, and most importantly character through emotion. These pieces bare resemblance to his earlier work, if only in his emotional condition that can be traced throughout them all. Although these resembled a grave and drastic transition in his artistic vision, it also marked the beginning of a progressive development in what we today can consider the style of ART MURET.

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Brought about during a time of tumult and inner conflict in the artist’s life, ‘The Beginning’ truly embodied the raw emotion that has come to define Jonathan’s art. These paintings served as the first examples of pop-art integration in his pieces, while also truly establishing his artistic style and format, each marked with his personalized signet. This signet, a ‘cross-faced’ sun, has been represented throughout consistently and has stood for the light and happiness in each of his pieces, no matter how emotionally dark and true (interestingly inspired by one drawn similarly on a postcard addressed to him by an adolescent relative). This collection marked the spark in that fire that now is John Muret’s artistry.




Although still incomplete, this section will allow the viewers insights into the progress of Jonathan’s latest collection. Distinctly the most refined of any pieces as of yet, his newest work is drawing inspiration from not only painters that have come to mean something in John’s scope of artistic inspiration but also time periods of unorthodox architecture, advanced sculptural techniques, and even musicians of radical counter-culture. In combination with the motivation he gains from his select unsold pieces from both “The Beginning” and “Abimes Colores” that surround him when he paints in his ‘gallery-esque’ bedroom, this new collection will hopefully indicate his artistic development to Jonathan’s fans, followers, and critics. There will be weekly updates of his progress with his new works, so feel free to check it out.