Concerning priority, after painting, drawing has always been John Muret’s most dear and
culturally vital method. This is primarily so because every drawing depicted in the following
section has been finely crafted and put together in front of each of the original paintings,


Every day of his journey, John would wake up at the break of dawn to be the first in line at the
entrance of the Museum. Naturally he was also always the last to leave. He would spend his
whole day studying, copying, and ultimately interpreting the paintings that hung in front of him,
all alongside an intense study of the methods and background of the artist who created it. 

When asked about this scenario and method, John gave a vivid description of why this method
has been so influential:

“It grants me direct Confrontation and Conversation with my greatest
inspirations unlike anywhere else. My paintings are what they are because of it”


An apex of his technical execution, John’s drawings were completed with Chinese Ink, therefore allowing no mistakes and no pre-sketch, and have thus come to represent a raw inside view of John Muret’s Talent, which he has actively curated over the past five years.

Photos by Daniel Jurado